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Hi! I'm Jaclyn!

I've done 'em all. How about you?

Whole30, Low Carb, Keto, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Vegan, 21 Day Fix, Perfect Meal Plans...

But they aren't sustainable.


3 years ago, I lost weight using a very drastic approach to food. I never ate anything fun. I only ate perfect foods. When I got bored and felt deprived, I binged on all the "off limits" foods. My body would physically feel awful and I'd feel so guilty for doing this to myself again, so I would start another round of 30 days of perfect eating to cure myself. I only knew how to eat perfectly or how to binge on foods. Rinse and repeat. Start the cycle again.



"Clean Eating Meal Plans" left me feeling scared of food, and they created more issues with food than I had when I was heavier. 


After almost 2 years of this self-sabotage, this being perfect or binge eating everything, I realized I couldn't keep doing this to myself.


I couldn't sustain this way of life forever. I needed to learn how to go to parties, how to go on vacation, and how to go to restaurants without feeling nervous about food and without going overboard with food.


I've been practicing and teaching Imperfect Eating ever since. And it works. You never have to do a 30 day diet again. Imperfect Eating focuses on a sh*t ton of nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins. And it helps you learn to have fun foods like chocolate, chips, pizza, nachos, donuts, you name it.


You've done the diets that promise weight loss, but they don't work for life.


Step 1 of Imperfect Eating is to EAT MORE VEGGIES! (Ah, a nutrition plan telling you to eat more!)


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